13 February 2015

Valentines / Followers Gift over @ my simblr!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I have a tinyyy gift out at my simblr.
8 sunblossom rugs on buggybooz' Sage rug mesh. You can get it here.

08 February 2015

Sequin Border Walls v2

Okay so since I'm back into TS2 again, I decided to give some of my favorite walls an update!

I think this is a pretty nice improvement from the first attempt. Here is version one and again here is the inspiration wall.

Swatch (+)

10 walls in all, most are curiousb colors. I can do some more colors if you have a request, let me know


07 February 2015

I'm Alive

I'm alive! Am I back? Not sure but I can say temporarily, yes. I have been somewhat active every now and then on my TS3 simblr and recently I made a TS2 simblr and have started playing again. I'm definitely going to clean this blog up and maybe start making things again. If anyone reads this, HI!

Check out my TS2 simblr and my TS3 simblr if you want :) There are a couple downloads at both of them.
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